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Branded water bottles with logo

Combine your advertising message with quality and sustainability with custom water bottles!
We can supply you with drinking bottles in various shapes and sizes with your logo in bulk.

You can order branded water bottles from a minimum order quantity of 50 bottles.

In our store we stock numerous bottles in various shapes and sizes as well as closures.
Take a look and configure your drinking bottle with logo conveniently online!

You are still unsure whether branded water bottles are the right carrier for your logo? Do you find it difficult to imagine what custom drinking bottles with your logo could look like?

Then use our configurator to get a three-dimensional preview. Simply choose a bottle from our range, upload your design and select a matching cap, the configurator will do the rest for you!

In addition to a real-time preview with front view, back view and rotating 3D model of your drinking bottles with your logo, you will also receive the price for your design with quantity scale.

Our login area also offers the possibility for registered users to save configured designs in order to present them to your team or to reserve them for a later decision. Of course, we are also at your disposal if you need advice or help with the creation or implementation of your design. From the idea to the printing and completion – with the bottle friends you are in the best hands with your project!


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Water bottles with logo in bulk

Would you like to give your brand more presence with every sip?

We are your perfect partner for custom water bottles, whether you prefer a generous printing area for a sophisticated design in your company colors or are looking for stylish models that present your logo discreetly and elegantly. We offer a wide range of glass bottles, various closure options and completely customizable bottle designs.

Your advantages with Flaschenfreunde:

Direct from the factory

Thanks to our own in-house print shop, we deliver your bottles directly from the factory without intermediaries.


Over 80 % of our components come from within a radius of just 20 kilometers to ensure short transport routes.

Wide range of products

We offer a variety of different bottle shapes, sizes and closures to provide our customers with the widest possible choice.

Uncomplicated delivery of large quantities

Thanks to our regional partner network, we can easily realize order quantities from 50 to 1 million bottles.

Favorable prices even in small quantities

We can offer our customized bottles from an order quantity of 50 pieces at a price starting at € 5 per bottle.

Case study: Water bottles with logo for Autohaus Vetter GmbH & Co KG

Kopfhoch 0,7l

As an individual advertising medium in your own branding, our “Kopfhoch” bottle model in the branding of Autohaus Vetter not only attracts attention, but also brings a lot of joy to everyday drinking.

In addition to the body of the bottle, which is decorated with the logo in a particularly creative way, we have also added the logo to the screw cap made of real wood. Not only we are delighted with the design of this drinking bottle, but also the employees!

Decoration:2-colour screen printing
Closure:Real wood screw cap


Water bottles with logo, names or individual designs

Whether in everyday life, after sport or when hiking – a high-quality drinking bottle is the perfect companion for healthy water enjoyment.

Are you looking for a brand carrier that represents the reliability and elegance of your company?
We offer customized water bottles with your logo to promote the health and productivity of your employees and strengthen your brand at the same time!
What can we print on your glass drinking bottles?


We can screen print your logo on the bottle in up to 4 colors. To ensure that the colors correspond to the original, you are welcome to provide us with the Pantone color values of your logo.

Multicolored designs

With us, you can give free rein to your creativity. Digital printing can display a practically unlimited number of different colors and complex color gradients.


As individual gifts, we engrave the names of your employees on the bottle of your choice.

What our customers say:

We have already made numerous customers happy with customized logo drinking bottles. Read about our customers’ experiences for yourself:

Glass bottles with logo for more sustainability:

An eco-friendly marketing solution

Drinking bottles with logos are not only practical when out and about, but are also extremely effective as popular promotional items – because your own company logo makes them an effective marketing tool. More and more companies are choosing to have drinking bottles printed with their logo in order to present their own brand in a sustainable and effective way.

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Customize your drinking bottles with a logo, the name of your employees or a unique design in your company colors. This allows you to create an individual advertising medium that emphasizes your commitment to sustainability and the health of your employees. Drinking bottles with a logo are not only a clever marketing tool, but also a contribution to reducing plastic waste – a clear sign of your commitment to a more sustainable future.

Good reasons for a water bottle with your logo from Flaschenfreunde:

Glass is neutral in taste and completely free of harmful substances. Unlike plastics, there is no risk of flavourings or ingredients being released into the liquid in the bottle at any time. In addition, such drinking bottles are robust and easy to clean; conventional cleaners do not interact with the material in any way. The high-quality appearance of your drinking bottle is not affected by changes in the colour or feel of the drinking bottle, even after prolonged use.

From the selection of the right water bottle for your logo with matching closure to the accessories, you will find everything you need to realise your bottle project in our online shop. In addition to “normal” glass bottles, our range also includes heat-resistant bottles – suitable for tea and other hot drinks. Furthermore, our bottles cover a wide range of heights from 200 to just under 350mm, so you won’t have any problems finding a suitable bottle for your water dispenser. Our closures range from the unique 3-component swing top, to standard screw tops, to screw tops made of local real wood as a special eye-catcher – of course all closures can be customised to act as an additional advertising medium. We also offer a unique range of finishing and completion services from a single source. We offer screen printing, digital printing, laser engraving and ceramic transfer printing for your logo. Whatever your project, the Bottle Friends are your partner.

The material most commonly used in the manufacture of drinking bottles, glasses and packaging is soda-lime glass. The disadvantage of this material is that it shatters with sudden temperature changes. We know this, for example, from pouring hot drinks into a comparatively cold glass or from drinking bottles that shatter overnight in the refrigerator. Borosilicate glass is insensitive to temperature fluctuations, bottles made of borosilicate glass are therefore often called “heat-resistant”. The reason for this is the coefficient of thermal expansion, which is 9 × 10 -6 K -1 for soda-lime glass and only 3.3 × 10 -6 K -1 for borosilicate glass. So while drinking bottles made of soda-lime glass have to be acclimatised slowly to “get used to” the temperature of the liquid they contain, your water bottle made of borosilicate glass is always ready for the next adventure.

Logos with up to 4 colours can easily be screen printed onto your drinking bottle. To ensure that the colours match the original, you are welcome to provide us with the Pantone colour values of your logo.

Do you want to see your bottle in a more complex design or does your logo have too many colours? Then our digital print is exactly what you need! Digital printing can produce a virtually unlimited number of different colours and complex colour gradients.

Please feel free to contact us directly, we will advise you individually on how to optimally capture your logo on your water bottle.

We all know the advantages of glass, drinking bottles made of this material set standards in feel and appearance and give every conference table an elegant touch that simply cannot be achieved with bottles made of plastic or stainless steel. There is also almost nothing to consider when cleaning and caring for your glass drinking bottle; no commercially available rinsing or cleaning agents can damage the material.

The situation is different when it comes to impact resistance: avoid hitting your bottle with hard and sharp-edged objects – or protect it directly with our fashionable sleeves. In the case of soda-lime glass, you should also avoid rapid changes in temperature; make sure your water bottle is well pre-warmed before pouring hot drinks into it.

If you observe these points, you and your employees, guests and customers will enjoy your logo for a long time to come, skilfully presented on your personal drinking bottle from Flaschenfreunde.

Do you have any questions?

Do not hesitate to contact us. We attach great importance to good service and professional advice so that you end up with exactly the product that meets your requirements!

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