Special gifts for your employees

Develop with us individual gifts for your employees that offer real added value. Finding and retaining good skilled workers and inspiring them to work for your company is currently more difficult than ever. In today’s labour market, it is therefore important to strengthen the commitment and health of one’s own employees. One way to do this is with individual water bottles in your corporate design as a high-quality gift for your employees at Christmas, for starting a new job or as a present for deserving employees. These are not only a great gift idea, but also a loyal companion, ensuring healthy drinking pleasure in everyday life at all times – and transporting your brand into the world – and into the minds of your team.

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The search for suitable gifts

Finding suitable gifts for your own employees and colleagues proves difficult for many companies. It is often difficult to make a decision due to the overabundance of possible gift ideas, especially as the gifts should be well received in any case. Particularly towards the end of the year, the search for meaningful Christmas gifts can involve a lot of effort. Finding suitable gifts that please the whole team and also stand out from the crowd at Christmas can therefore quickly become a nerve-wracking affair.

Sustainable gifting

The topic of sustainability is more topical than ever, which is why most companies place a lot of emphasis on integrating a high level of environmental awareness into their everyday work – even when it comes to gifts and Christmas presents for employees.

We all leave our carbon footprint, yet we should try to keep it as small as possible, so sustainability naturally plays a big role when looking for suitable gifts for colleagues. Flaschenfreunde cares about the environment. Our goal is to reduce unnecessary plastic consumption and plastic waste. We offer sustainable, high-quality and individualised glass drinking bottles as gifts for your employees. But what makes us different from other providers?

We can cover a wide range of finishing processes in-house and therefore implement all wishes in the design of the individualised drinking bottle from a single source. You can design the glass drinking bottles to suit you as an employer and are therefore perfect as gifts for your team. We lose neither time nor money due to unnecessary transport routes, as all value-adding processes of Bottle Friends are mapped regionally, and best of all: you have a contact person who supports you in all steps of the creation of your gifts and do not have to get different suppliers under one hat.

Strengthen identification with your own brand

Strengthen the corporate identity with suitable gifts for your employees. The smallest details often make the biggest differences. The topic of corporate identity is often ridiculed and yet it is so important. There are many ways to strengthen the corporate identity. Gifts for your colleagues in the corporate design are super suitable for this – after all, everyone likes to be given presents. With our high-quality printed glass drinking bottles, you are absolutely on trend when choosing suitable gifts for your employees. The use of glass drinking bottles has increased strongly again in recent years. With us, you get the chance to create a glass drinking bottle entirely in the design of your company.

Our glass drinking bottles as gifts for your employees create a strong sense of belonging and recognition.

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Exactly matching your brand

There are countless different types of companies and industries.

The individual print on the glass drinking bottles expresses your identity and vision as an employer. You can design the gifts for your employees fully in the style of your industry and thus determine yourself what you want to express. An art agency will choose very colourful and fancy motifs, while a more puristic motif with logo is more appropriately placed for a production company. At Christmas, a motif of muted colours can look coherent, while in summer, bright and bold colours are more in vogue. With us, there are no limits to the design of your employee gifts.

If you have any difficulties in making a decision or are unsure about the design, the bottle friends are always there to advise you. Because just like you, we want the gifts to put a smile on your employees’ faces and the Christmas presents to reward your team for the great performance of the past year.

Special gifts for employees

Nothing is worse than impersonal, unimaginative and boring gifts for employees.

But this is unfortunately very often the case.

Due to a lack of time or personnel, there is often simply no opportunity to deal in detail with suitable gifts for employees. So, unfortunately, the gift ideas remain very unspectacular and the euphoria among your employees is limited. There are always fixed times of the year when you want to give your employees a treat, such as at the end of the year, New Year or the beginning of the holiday season. Of course, employee gifts should not be lost in the crowd.

That’s over now! Mit den Flaschenfreunden haben Sie einen kompetenten Partner an Ihrer Seite, der Ihnen hilft mit wenig Zeitaufwand sehr hochwertige und zeitgerechte Geschenke für Ihre Mitarbeiter zu kreieren, die lange erhalten bleiben.

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The bottle friends are at your side to advise you

If it is difficult for you to decide on a suitable design for your employees’ gifts, the Bottle Friends will be happy to advise you at any time. Through your ideas and our experience, together we can design a unique glass drinking bottle to create high quality gifts for your employees. It is important to us to make the cooperation as pleasant and uncomplicated as possible for you. Contact is possible in person on site, but also by telephone or e-mail. Even though the search for suitable gifts for employees can be very time-consuming and nerve-wracking in advance, everything becomes very simple once you have decided on us. Because the most beautiful gifts are the ones that are given with pleasure and joy.

Office gifts for employees

Strengthen the motivation of employees

The own employees are the most important basis of every company.

This makes it all the more important to retain them and win them over permanently for one’s own company.

If you succeed in motivating your employees again and again and getting them enthusiastic about your work, you are a big step ahead of other companies and can look forward with satisfaction. Appreciative gifts can increase the motivation of employees enormously.

At Bottle Friends you have the opportunity to have high-quality glass bottles printed according to your ideas. There are no limits to your creativity. For example, you can have the company logo, a company photo or even the names of your employees printed on the bottle. As a gift for employees, seasonal attention at Christmas or as a present for highly valued customers, our glass bottles are super suitable.

Not only do you look great, but you create a strong sense of recognition among your employees, which in turn will have a very positive effect on their motivation. Because those who feel valued also take more pleasure in their work.

For any size of company – minimum order quantity from 50 bottles

With us, even smaller businesses get the opportunity to work with the bottle friends and create great gifts for employees.

Our minimum order quantity for your fully customised bottle is just 50 bottles.

This makes Flaschenfreunde the perfect partner for small businesses and companies looking for gifts for their employees.

The advantage of our high quality printed glass drinking bottles is that the finished end product is 100% consistent with your business, so the bottles can be used as gifts on many other occasions.

In addition to birthdays, employee anniversaries or at Christmas, our glass drinking bottles are also great for meetings with business partners and as small gifts for good customers.

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But even very large companies are in the best hands with us. We can easily provide the glass drinking bottles from our range in larger quantities and are well equipped to print many glass bottles.

With larger order quantities you also have a clear price advantage, let us inform you now without obligation about graduated prices when procuring gifts for your employees.

Did you know?

Giving your employees a treat doesn’t have to be expensive. Gifts to your employees may fall under the monthly non-monetary remuneration exemption limit.
This has been 50 euros per month since 01.01.2022. This gives you the opportunity to please your employees tax- and social security-free and – with the right gift – to bring sustainability and healthy water enjoyment into everyday office life.

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