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Gifts for employees

Work with us to develop individual gifts for your employees that offer real added value. Finding and retaining good skilled workers and inspiring them to work for your company is currently more difficult than ever. In today’s labour market, it is therefore important to strengthen the commitment and health of one’s own employees.

A creative idea for employee retention are water bottles in your corporate design, which you can give as a high-quality gift for your employees at Christmas, when they start their job or as a token of appreciation for special achievements. They are not only a great gift idea, but can also be used by your employees as a loyal companion in everyday life and thus ensure healthy drinking pleasure at all times – and at the same time transport your brand into the world and into the minds of your team.

Finding suitable gifts for your own employees proves to be difficult for many companies. The abundance of possible gift ideas often makes it difficult to make a decision, especially as the gifts should definitely be well received.

Particularly towards the end of the year, the search for meaningful Christmas gifts can involve a lot of effort. Finding suitable gifts that will please the whole team and also stand out from the crowd at Christmas quickly becomes a challenge for many companies. But our printed drinking bottles are fun all year round and are the ideal gift for employees!

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Gifts for employees for every occasion

With us, you get the chance to create a glass drinking bottle entirely in the design of your company. Our glass drinking bottles as gifts for your employees create a strong sense of belonging and recognition for your company. Customized gifts allow you to express your appreciation for your employees and at the same time promote your corporate culture, which is characterized by sustainability and mutual recognition. This strengthens the feeling of togetherness and the identification of your employees with your company.

Occasions for your employee gifts:

  • Onboarding gift for the first day of work
  • Birthdays
  • Jubilations
  • Christmas
  • Easter
  • As a thank you for a special achievement

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Employee gifts in your corporate design

Strengthen your corporate identity with suitable gifts for your employees that represent your brand. The smallest details often make the biggest differences – the topic of corporate identity in particular is often ridiculed and yet is so important. There are many ways to strengthen your own corporate identity. Gifts for your colleagues in your corporate design are ideal here, because after all, every employee is happy to receive a personal gift from their employer.

With our high-quality printed glass drinking bottles, you are absolutely on trend when choosing suitable gifts for your employees: the use of glass drinking bottles has increased significantly in recent years and is enjoying growing popularity. Our motto is: Useful, sustainable and hygienic – our bottles are not only a practical gift, but also environmentally friendly and easy to clean.

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Sustainable gifts for employees

The topic of sustainability is more topical than ever these days, which is why most companies attach great importance to integrating environmental awareness into their day-to-day work. The aim of a company is to keep its carbon footprint as low as possible, which is why sustainability also plays a major role in the search for suitable gifts for your employees.

The advantages of our glass bottles as a gift for your employees briefly explained:


Glass is a sustainable material as it is 100% recyclable. Recycling glass bottles helps to reduce the consumption of raw materials and save energy.


Glass bottles can be reused several times, which further reduces the environmental impact.

Long durability

Glass is a durable material and retains its quality and appearance over a long period of time.


The production of glass from recycled materials requires less energy compared to the production of new glass.

Environmental sustainability

Glass is biodegradable and poses no threat to the environment as it decomposes into its natural components over time.

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Gifts for employees – from 50 pieces!

Are you unsure whether it is worth ordering from Flaschenfreunde? We also give smaller companies the opportunity to work with Flaschenfreunde and create great gifts for employees.

Our minimum order quantity for your fully customized bottle is just 50 glass bottles. This makes Flaschenfreunde the perfect partner for small companies and businesses looking for employee gifts.

But even very large companies are of course in the best hands with us. We can easily provide the glass drinking bottles from our range in larger quantities and are well equipped to print many glass bottles.

Tip: If you order larger quantities, you will receive a clear price advantage – contact us now for non-binding advice on graduated prices when purchasing gifts for your employees.

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Tax-free gifts for employees

Giving your employees a gift and making them happy doesn’t necessarily have to be expensive. Under certain conditions, gifts to employees can be exempt from tax and social security contributions – as long as they remain within the monthly non-cash benefit exemption limit. Since January 1, 2022, this exemption limit has been 50 euros per month. This means that you can give your employees tax-free gifts up to this amount each month.

This provides you with an economical way to give your employees a gift that not only underlines their appreciation, but also helps to promote sustainability and a healthy lifestyle in the workplace. What are you still waiting for? Delight your employees with our individually designed glass drinking bottles and strengthen your corporate culture. We stand for sustainability and a conscious use of resources – this creates a positive working environment in which your employees feel valued and motivated.

Do you need inspiration for your employee gifts with logo?

Take a look at our sample designs and let your creativity run wild! Thanks to our many years of experience and our own print shop with numerous finishing options, we can realize almost any of your ideas.

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Do you have any questions?

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