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water bottle printing with the motif of your choice

Would you like to have water bottles printed in your corporate design or another desired motif?
Are you looking for high-quality printed water bottles at a reasonable price?

With our many years of experience, we offer you the best quality and a great end result. Our glass water bottles are odourless and tasteless and therefore suitable for daily use. Depending on how you want to design the drinking bottles, we offer two different printing methods. No matter whether the drinking bottles are to be printed in the corporate design or as a give-away for successful conversations with business partners and potential customers. There are a thousand occasions for which printed water bottles are ideal.

We are the ideal partner for customizing your drinking bottles!

Individual drinking bottles from the bottle friends – Depending on the desired motif and bottle shape, we provide you with the appropriate printing process and pay attention to quality and high quality in all our processes.

We offer both screen printing and digital printing. The choice of the most suitable process for your individual drinking bottles is made on the basis of the print data provided to us. This allows us to always achieve the best possible result for you. Let us inspire you and request your personal and sustainable drinking bottles today.

water bottle at sink

Get inspired and request your personal and sustainable water drinking bottle today.

Trinkflasche Motion Lab screen printing

Best results with the screen printing process

The first process that is ideal for customizing your water bottles is screen printing. With screen printing, your graphic layout is first used to create an individual screen for each print image.

With the screen printing, your graphic layout is first used to create an individual screen for each print image. This process is mapped in-house in order to guarantee our customers a high degree of flexibility combined with moderate delivery times. The thermoplastic inks used in this printing process are applied in a liquid state through the screen onto the surface to be printed and then baked at over 600°C. The ceramic portion of the dyes forms a structural bond with the glass of the printed surface. During this process, the ceramic portion of the dyes forms a structural bond with the glass of the print surface, which results in a very high wear and abrasion resistance of the print. Screen printing is therefore the standard process if you want to give your drinking bottles a lasting finish.

Since the different colours are applied one after the other during screen printing, it is important to take the different colour levels into account when creating the graphic data. To ensure an optimal result when printing the drinking bottles, the uploaded graphic should be a vector file.

Individual water bottle printing using the digital printing process

You want to provide your drinking bottles with print motifs that have more than 4 colours and have complex colour gradients? Then digital printing is perfect for you

In digital printing, the ink is applied directly to the surface to be decorated, so the printed image comes directly from a file. Since the printing process does not require screens or other process-related intermediate steps, it is more flexible than screen printing, especially for smaller batch sizes. By screening coloured areas, it is also possible to cover a wider range of colours. Digital printing is used for printing our screw caps, as these would not survive the firing process of ceramic inks due to the use of natural materials.

No matter how you want to design your drinking bottles, we offer you the appropriate printing process – and to your complete satisfaction!

watter bottle Peace Digital print

Regardless of your choice of printing method, we guarantee a first-class result. We pride ourselves on using only high quality materials and printing methods to ensure that your water bottles will last a long time and their design will still be legible even after many signs of use. High quality is hugely important to us. Contact us today to design your water bottles and showcase your brand in a practical and sustainable way. We also offer the option to order multiple water bottles with different designs. This is a great option for events such as trade shows or conferences where you need different designs for different departments or groups of participants. This saves you time and effort and you can be sure that each participant will receive their own personalised drinking bottle.

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Print data check before printing

When your water bottles are printed, nothing can go wrong. If you are unsure about the quality or suitability of your print data, you can have it checked by our graphics department. We are also happy to assist you with the creation of your graphic data or with technical questions regarding print data and our processes. Simply contact us or fill out the contact form. We will be happy to help you so that you can have your water bottles printed without any complications.

Personalised water bottles for every occasion

Looking for a unique way to promote your business or event? Printing on water bottles is a great option! Personalised water bottles are practical and durable, making them a great promotional tool for businesses, sports teams, schools, churches and more.

With the option to print your logo, slogan or designs on the bottles you can showcase your brand in a visible and useful way. Drink bottle printing is also a great option for events such as marathons, festivals or corporate events where attendees can take away a long-lasting memento of the event.

Spread your brand

Overall, personalized water bottles offer a unique way to promote your business or event and create a long-lasting memory for your customers, participants or fans. Drinking bottle printing allows you to showcase your brand in a practical and useful way that your target audience will use on a daily basis. Not only is this a great way to spread your brand, but it also helps to improve your environmental footprint by helping to reduce the use of disposable bottles.

VDK Flasche screenprint

Our configurator

With us, you have the opportunity to decide for yourself how you would like to have your drinking bottles printed.
It is important to us to make the user experience as simple as possible. With the help of our specially created configurator, you can easily view a graphic representation of your desired bottle in advance.
Wirst select a glass bottle from our range and then upload a graphic with your desired motif with which you would like to design the drinking bottles. You can then position the motif as you wish in the possible print area and, if necessary, also add lettering or similar.
The next step is to select the appropriate closure. Once you have gone through these steps, the desired quantity of drinking bottles can be easily ordered.
The configurator is a great help to imagine the possible design.
However, if you are a little unsure about ordering directly via the configurator, this is of course no problem.
Of course, our Bottle Friends team is always available to answer your questions. In a comprehensive consultation, we can discuss all open points together and eliminate your uncertainties. After all, we want you to be completely satisfied with your personalized drinking bottles.

High-quality brand carriers for your employees, business partners, guests or customers

You will have a lot of fun designing your own drinking bottles for your employees, business partners, guests or customers. Have the drinking bottles decorated with your company logo and colours, creating the perfect brand carrier for your company. You also strengthen your employees’ corporate identity and create a feeling of recognition. When you hand over high-quality employee gifts, you convey a certain appreciation and gratitude towards your employees. Have your drinking bottles printed by us and put a smile on your employees’ faces.

water bottle Flaschenfreunde motif green

Curious about it?

High quality printing

Our team has been working with glass bottles and the most suitable finishing processes and closures for a long time in various ways. All our processes are backed by years of experience, which is why we can guarantee the high quality of our products and all our processes. With us, you can print your drinking bottles at the highest level and at absolutely fair prices.

printed wood lids

More sustainability in your own company

Glantern bottles are a great way to go green and showcase your brand at the same time. Unlike traditional plastic bottles, they are more durable and sustainable, which means your customers will enjoy them for longer.
With our premium printing process, digital print or screen print, you can be sure that your glass drinking bottles will stay colourful for a long time.
We only use high quality materials and technology to ensure that your personalised glass drinking bottles last as long as possible.
Every time your employees use the personalised bottles, they will be reminded of your business and you will have a continuous presence in their daily lives. Drinking bottle printing is a cost effective and long lasting way of advertising that will spread your brand and reach your target audience on a daily basis.
We also have a diverse range of sizes and shapes of glass drinking bottles, so you are sure to find one that perfectly suits your needs and requirements. Our experienced team is always available to help you choose the best sizes and shapes for your glass drinking bottles.

The topic of sustainability is more topical than ever. We all leave our carbon footprint, yet we should try to keep it as small as possible. Small, medium-sized and large companies are particularly looked upon in this situation. Have sustainable glass drinking bottles printed and create real added value for your company and especially for your employees.
One small step towards a more sustainable business is to reduce plastic waste and plastic consumption. Make sure you change the way you think about everyday life. Glass drinking bottles are durable and can be used again and again for years. Many companies also have water dispensers available, for which glass drinking bottles in your company design are the ideal complement. The glass drinking bottles can be refilled over and over again. Especially if you print your own company drinking bottles, the joy of daily water consumption will increase among your employees.
On the one hand, employees can do without having to carry a heavy bottle to work every day, and on the other hand, they can drink as much fresh water as they want. The glass bottle can be refilled at any time and there is no unnecessary plastic waste.
Drinking a lot is important and ensures concentrated and motivated employees. Have drinking bottles printed in your corporate design and create incentives for your employees to use them.

Sustainability with the Bottle Friends

We combine our many years of experience with new, innovative ideas. Through close cooperation with regional partners, we can guarantee sustainable production and short transport routes. More than 80% of the components and the added value of our products come from within a radius of only 20 kilometres. We only use components from Germany and the EU where this is not possible. The customisation, the closures and the packaging are also handled regionally.
We have always been closely associated with the sustainable materials glass, ceramics and wood and their local production. Nevertheless, the search for sustainable innovations as well as effective improvement processes takes up a large part of our daily work. Let us print first-class drinking bottles for you – sustainable, high-quality and at fair prices.


Supply also in small quantities

If you only want to print a small number of drinking bottles, you don’t have to sacrifice quality and individual design. The Bottle Friends are your partner for the design of your individual drinking bottles, even in small quantities from 50 pieces. One advantage is that you do not have to pay a lot of money in advance. Small quantities of drinking bottles are also very suitable for test runs and initial orders.
Another advantage is that you can order the drinking bottles in small quantities and still benefit from high quality. We rely on modern printing processes and high-quality materials to offer you a long-lasting product.
The design options are very diverse, even for small quantities. Whether a simple lettering or an elaborate logo, we offer you a wide range of decoration methods. All in all, it can be said that you don’t have to do without quality and individual design even for small quantities. We are your supplier if you want to print on drinking bottles.

High quality water bottles as promotional items

Design water bottles that match your ideas.
As a gift for your great employees, business partners, guests or customers.
In our online shop you have a large selection of different drinking bottles made of glass.
If you have drinking bottles printed with your logo, slogan or even a photo, they are also perfect as promotional gifts and giveaways.

Advice from experienced professionals

We understand that water bottle printing is an important part of your brand and marketing strategy. That’s why we work closely with you to ensure the end result is exactly what you need. Our experienced team is always on hand to help you choose the best printing process and design to ensure your water bottles look exactly how you want them to.
Don’t think twice about having drinking bottles printed. Contact us today to order your personalised water bottles and showcase your brand in a unique and sustainable way.

When preparing the print data for your logo, there are a few things to consider that are important for further processing.

In principle, we need vector data for screen printing. As these are often not available, we can also work with pixel graphics if these are of a correspondingly high resolution.
The resolution is given in DPI and should be at least 1200, this number indicates how many pixels there are in one inch of the image file. The higher the number, the smaller the pixels and the finer the graphic.
Vector graphics are not made up of pixels, but of objects. A circle, for example, would not consist of pixels, but of a centre point and a radius. Such graphics can be displayed as large or small as you like without losing quality.

The colours of your print file should be in Pantone values. This is a proprietary colour system (similar to RGB, CMYK or Hex) commonly used in the printing industry. If you do not have such a value, we will of course be happy to help you convert or identify your colour values.

Of course!
Our network of regional partners also includes toolmaking and decoration of your own bottles using ceramic screen printing, UV screen printing, digital printing, laser engraving and much more.
Simply use our contact form or call us directly.

The choice of the right drinking bottle for your company depends on your individual preferences and wishes. This applies to the bottle shape and the type of closure…and of course also to the material! The bottles in our portfolio are probably made of “normal” glass (soda-lime glass) or borosilicate glass. While conventional glass allows for a higher cullet content and thus scores in the areas of sustainability and price, borolicate glass is characterised by its structure. This material has a very high quality and resistance to heat or cold influences. It is also somewhat lighter and more resistant to chemicals, for example. Borosilicate glass is therefore also used in laboratory technology – or as a high-quality drinking bottle for hot drinks.

Every glass bottle is unique!
A central aspect of the Flaschenfreunde DNA is to give our customers the opportunity to live out their own uniqueness and plurality in the form of their own individually printed products. In order to set as few limits as possible to your creativity, we work together with Europe’s leading expert in screen printing and are therefore able to push the print surfaces of all bottles in our range to the maximum possible. For example, you can freely design almost the entire surface of the Heißbegehrt bottle. The exact print area sizes in millimetres can be found on the respective detail page for each bottle in the shop. Of course, the same also applies to the surface of the bottle caps, which can also be printed or engraved. With the bottle friends, your individuality becomes limitless.

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