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Printed water bottles

Make your branding shine – have water bottles printed and get your message moving!
Add personality to your bottles with customized printing.

Flaschenfreunde offers you high-quality, individual design options,
to present your brand in style. Discover the creative world of water bottle printing,
for a lasting impression.

We understand that water bottle printing is an important part of your brand and marketing strategy. That’s why we work closely with you to ensure that the end result meets your exact requirements. Our experienced team is always on hand to help you choose the best printing process and design to ensure your water bottles look exactly how you want them to.

Flaschenfreunde relies exclusively on modern printing processes and high-quality materials to offer you a long-lasting product. We are your supplier if you would like to have individual drinking bottles printed.

Would you like to have drinking bottles printed in your corporate design or another motif of your choice? Then configure your glass bottles with your desired motif today and have your drinking bottles printed by Flaschenfreunde!

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Printed drinking bottles

Are you looking for a unique way to advertise your company or event? Custom printing on drinking bottles is a great option – for any occasion. Printed drinking bottles are practical and durable, making them a great promotional item for a wide range of applications.

We print your drinking bottles from an order quantity of 50 pieces!


As an individual and personalized gift for your employees for more fun at work.


As a welcome gift for new members to strengthen the team spirit.


As a gift for new students to raise awareness.


As a high-quality advertising medium for a lasting impression.


As a lasting gift for guests for lasting memories.

VDK bottle screen printing

Configure your individual drinking bottle!

Let your creativity run wild, because with us you can decide for yourself how you want to design your drinking bottles.

It is important to us to make the user experience as simple and intuitive as possible. With the help of our specially created configurator, you can easily visualize your desired bottle in advance.

First select a glass bottle from our range and then upload a graphic with the motif you would like to print on the bottles. You can then position the design as you wish in the possible print area and, if necessary, add lettering or similar.

Last but not least, select a suitable closure – and your customized promotional item is ready. Once you have gone through all the steps, you can easily order the desired quantity of drinking bottles.

The configurator is helpful for visualizing the planned design – but our customers are not always directly aware of the motif. You don’t want to order directly via the configurator?

No problem. Of course, our Flaschenfreunde team is always available for questions and personal advice on design. We can discuss all open points together in a comprehensive meeting and clear up any uncertainties you may have. After all, we want you to be completely satisfied with your personalized drinking bottles.

Printed water bottles as promotional items

We are sure that you will enjoy designing your own drinking bottles for your employees, business partners, guests or customers. Printed sustainable drinking bottles have numerous advantages as promotional items:


Printed drinking bottles are used every day – whether in the office or for sports.


In contrast to conventional plastic bottles, a printed glass drinking bottle is used again and again.


In contrast to ordinary promotional items such as ballpoint pens, printed bottles catch the eye more quickly.

Not target group specific

From children to senior citizens – printed drinking bottles bring joy to people of all ages.


When handled correctly, both the bottle and the print are extremely durable.

How do we print?

Customized drinking bottles from Flaschenfreunde – depending on the desired motif and bottle shape, we provide you with the appropriate printing process and pay attention to the highest quality and high value in all our processes.

We offer both screen printing and high-quality digital printing for your individually printed drinking bottles. We choose the right process for your printed drinking bottles based on the print data provided to us in order to achieve the best possible result for you.

Printing on drinking bottles using the screen printing process

With screen printing, an individual screen is first created for each print image from your graphic layout. This process is mapped in-house in order to offer our customers a high degree of flexibility combined with moderate delivery times. The thermoplastic inks used in this printing process are applied in a liquid state through the screen onto the surface to be printed and then baked at over 600 °C.

The ceramic component of the dyes forms a structural bond with the glass of the printing surface, which makes the print highly resistant to wear and abrasion. Screen printing is therefore the ideal standard process if you want to give your drinking bottles a permanent finish.

As the different colors are applied one after the other during screen printing, it is important to take the different color levels into account when creating the graphic data. To ensure optimum results when printing the drinking bottles, the uploaded graphic should be a vector file.

Bedruckte Trinkflasche von Motion Lab
Bedruckte Peace-Flasche der Flaschenfreunde

Have drinking bottles printed using the digital printing process

Would you like to have your drinking bottles printed with motifs featuring more than four colors and complex color gradients? Then digital printing is perfect.

With digital printing, the ink is applied directly to the surface to be printed – the printed image therefore comes directly from a file. Since the printing process does not require screens or other process-related intermediate steps, it is more flexible than screen printing, especially for smaller batch sizes.

It is also possible to cover a larger color field by rasterizing colored areas. Digital printing is also used for printing our screw caps, as these would not survive the firing process of ceramic inks due to the use of natural materials.

Print data check before printing

We know: When your drinking bottles are printed, nothing should go wrong. If you are unsure about the quality or suitability of your print data, you can have it checked by our graphics department.
We are also happy to support you directly with the creation of your graphic data or with technical questions about print data and our processes. Simply contact us or fill out the contact form. We can help you so that you can have your glass drinking bottles printed with ease.

High-quality printed glass drinking bottles

Our team has been working with glass bottles and the most suitable finishing processes and closures for a long time. All our processes are backed by years of experience, which is why we can guarantee the high quality of our products and all our processes. With us you can have your desired bottles printed with your design or logo – at the highest level and at absolutely fair prices.

With our first-class printing process – whether digital printing or screen printing – you can be sure that your glass drinking bottles will remain brightly colored for a long time. We only use high-quality materials and state-of-the-art technologies to ensure that your personalized glass drinking bottles last as long as possible.

And the best thing about it: every time your employees use the personalized bottles, they will be reminded of your company, making you a constant presence in their everyday lives. Printable drinking bottles are a cost-effective and long-lasting advertising medium that will spread your brand and reach your target group on a daily basis.

By the way: We offer a wide range of sizes and shapes of glass drinking bottles, so you are sure to find one that perfectly suits your needs and requirements. Whether 500 ml, 750 ml or 1 l bottles – our experienced team is always on hand to help you choose the best sizes and shapes for your glass drinking bottles.

Printed water bottles in small quantities

You only want to order a small number of drinking bottles? Even then, you don’t have to compromise on quality and individual design. Flaschenfreunde is your partner for the design of your individual drinking bottles – even in small quantities of 50 or more. One advantage of this is that you don’t have to pay a lot of money in advance.

Tip: Small quantities of drinking bottles are also very suitable for test runs and initial orders. The design options are very diverse, even for small quantities – whether it’s simple lettering or an elaborate logo, we offer you a wide range of decoration methods. You can rest assured that you won’t have to compromise on quality and individual design, even for small quantities.


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