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Flaschenfreunde is your partner for personalized bottled joy. Even on your daily walk to the water dispenser every day!

Did you know that providing your employees with fresh water can fall under the tax allowance for workplace health promotion (§ 3 No. 34 EStG)? We help you to promote the health of your employees and at the same time strengthen their identification with your company. Simply configure your own personal bottle for your water dispenser or let our team support you from the initial design to the finished bottle!

More and more companies attach great importance to a sustainable & health-promoting working environment. Therefore, a water dispenser can no longer be missing in many companies. This is not only healthy, but also has a very practical benefit for all employees.

Bring even more sustainability to your business with our high-quality glass bottles. We have a carefully selected range of different glass bottles in various sizes. With us you will find the right glass bottles for your water dispenser. Take advantage of our possibilities and create glass bottles for your employees that match your company and strengthen your corporate identity.

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Finding the right bottle for your water dispenser

The right bottle model for your water dispenser – this is possible, thanks to Flaschenfreunde. You are unsure about the right size? There is a large selection of different models in our shop. From 0.5 litres up to 1.0 litre. The different shapes and different types of closure make our range very versatile, so there is always something to suit your taste and imagination.

Not all water dispensers have the same dimensions, which is why it is not possible to specify a specific bottle size across the board. Here Flaschenfreunde is happy to advise you. If you would like to test the practical use of your favourite in advance, we can send you a sample.

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Water dispenser bottles and their benefits

In addition to showing appreciation to your employees with company-owned water dispenser bottles, they are also ideal for meetings, events and other appointments. High-quality glass bottles with your company logo and design, provided during the stay of your visitors or customers and possibly even given as a guest gift, leave a lasting impression.

Because you represent a successful and authentic company that places great value on good quality and sustainability. With the high-quality drinking bottles from our versatile range, you can show off your freshly drawn, chilled water particularly well. This means that the conference table is not filled with umpteen different bottles, but with uniform glass water dispenser bottles that correspond to the corporate design, which in turn reflect the sustainability of your company. Your glass drinking bottles individually printed with your logo become a likeable advertising medium. Convey a clear message to your employees, customers or guests and appear as a strong and clearly defined company.

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Configure bottles for your water dispenser

Our specially created configurator allows you to design the right bottles for your water dispenser yourself. The graphic representation is very helpful for the imagination and thus facilitates the decision for the suitable motif.

You will be guided step by step through the various functions of the configurator and can order your individualised water dispenser bottles at the end. Quite simple and uncomplicated. You still have some questions and would prefer to have a direct contact person? No problem, we will be happy to advise you. Together we design the perfect water dispenser bottles for your business.

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Water dispenser bottles for more sustainability

Are you trying to get your business plastic-free? Tonnes of plastic waste are produced every day. Even if the will is there to avoid unnecessary plastic consumption, this becomes a real challenge at the supermarket at the latest. We’ve all been there – one purchase and the garbage can is full of unnecessary and pointless plastic packaging. However, this is a battle that your employees have to fight alone. During working hours in your company, the situation is different again – there are definitely ways to reduce the amount of plastic waste produced.

The purchase of your water dispenser is already a first decisive step. To set another example and encourage employees to use your great investment, our high-quality glass bottles are perfect for use with the water dispenser. And here, too, you are doing your bit for the environment.

Our glass drinking bottles are not only sustainable, durable and high quality, but also the production itself is regional with partners within a maximum radius of 15 kilometres. Our environment is very close to our hearts, which is why we want to absolutely avoid long transport routes for the creation of the products.

The special thing about our water dispenser bottles: they are not just any “NO-NAME” bottles with the logo of the company of your water dispenser, NO you can design the water dispenser bottles completely individually, matching your company. We offer a very wide range of finishing options, so there are no limits to your ideas. A beautifully and lovingly designed water dispenser bottle can thus also enrich one or the other workplace and everyday working life, as well as create a valuable sense of community.

Permanently installed or mobile water dispensers?

More and more companies are opting for water dispensers with a bubble function, which are permanently installed on the tap and therefore do not require an additional device. Employees can fill their bottles in the company design directly at the tap and enjoy their water quickly and easily. However, the installation and maintenance of such devices can be complicated, so portable devices also have their advantages.

With movable water dispensers with bottles, the installation is very simple and quickly done. All you need is a suitable place and a power socket to start up the dispenser; for units without a cooling function, you don’t even need electricity. Transporting these water dispensers is also very easy, as they are available in standard sizes. In addition, practically no maintenance is required, the gas cartridge is simply replaced and cleaning is usually limited to the external removal of possible limescale residues.

Another advantage of movable water dispensers bottles in corporate design is that they can be used very flexibly. For example, they can also be used at trade fairs, events or construction sites where a direct water connection is often not available. In this way, you can carry your brand directly into the world in a very uncomplicated way. Together with the bottle friends, there are practically no limits to your choice of the right bottles and their design with your company’s logo, design and colours.

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