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Your glass drinking bottle

High-quality, sustainable and as individual in shape and design as you are! Our large selection of glass drinking bottles not only quenches your thirst, but also protects the environment. With a personalized glass drinking bottle with your logo, name or design, you not only have a practical everyday companion in your hands, but also make a statement for sustainability and health.

Climate-friendly production, hygienic, recyclable, neutral in taste, free of harmful substances, dishwasher-safe, leak-proof – do we need any more good arguments for drinking bottles made of high-quality glass that must stand up to daily use?

We think a glass bottle is the optimal daily companion for healthy drinking pleasure. With us, you can choose which of the bottles from our range put together with a great deal of expertise suits you best – from commercially available glass to heat-resistant borosilicate glass for drinking bottles suitable for the cold season.

With an individual and high-quality print, you can quickly and easily configure a new favorite companion for every day – for yourself and your employees, customers or guests.

Even if you have other requirements in addition to filling water, for example because you want to fill hot drinks or carbonated drinks, we have suitable bottles in our range – you can find an overview of our high-quality glass drinking bottles here.

A conscious decision for your own health:

A glass drinking bottle for everyday use

Sure, most of the time we drink water from our water bottles, but sometimes it should also be a juice or rather a tea?
This is no problem with durable glass drinking bottles from Flaschenfreunde, because glass is not only sustainable, but also has numerous health benefits:

No vaporization

Unlike plastic bottles, glass bottles do not release harmful chemicals such as bisphenol A (BPA) or phthalates. These chemicals can be contained in plastics and dissolve on contact with liquids, which can be potentially harmful to health.

Neutral taste:

Glass is tasteless and does not affect the taste of drinks. In contrast, plastic bottles can tend to give off a chemical or plastic-like taste to the beverage, especially if they are used over a long period of time or exposed to high temperatures.


Glass bottles are easy to clean and disinfect, effectively removing bacteria, germs and odors. This ensures that your drinks always remain fresh and clean without harmful microorganisms being able to settle in the material.

No discoloration:

Unlike plastic bottles, glass bottles do not absorb colorants or odors from drinks, which can accumulate over time. This means that your glass bottle will look like new even after prolonged use and will not show any discoloration.

3D Wooden Closures for Drinking Bottles

The perfect closure for your glass drinking bottle

As beautiful as density can be

Screw cap or swing top from regional production, recyclable, pollutant-free, leak-proof – whether you prefer to hear the “plop” every time you open your drinking bottles or you like the practical screw cap better, with us you have the choice. The core of our swing stoppers is the beautiful and high-quality porcelain button. Our screw caps are made using natural materials. No matter which form you choose, you do not have to compromise on quality; both variants are ideally suited for everyday use.

Coloured swing stoppers

The swing top for your glass drinking bottle

Our patented 3-component swing stopper is made from a special ceramic recipe and fired on the basis of decades of experience so that its pressure and impact resistance is unparalleled on the market. An acid- and alkali-resistant glaze also protects the closure – and your closure design – from damage or fading for years. No matter what adventures your everyday life has in store for you and your glass drinking bottle, you can rely on our swing tops.

curious? Try now!

Use our configurator to create your individual glass drinking bottle in just a few simple steps.

Product features of our glass drinking bottles

Glass drinking bottle sustainable


drinking bottle Vegan


Glass bottle pollutant-free


drinking bottle with leak-proof closure


drinking bottle flavourless

Neutral in taste

drinking bottle dishwasher safe


Worth knowing
Trinkflaschen aus Glas
For the sake of our environment

The only raw materials needed for the production of glass drinking bottles are quartz sand, lime and soda, which are also available in large quantities and over short distances in Central Europe. To recycle glass, the old mould is simply melted down again and is thus recyclable. This saves a lot of energy, as melting down glass requires only a fraction of the energy that would be needed to produce glass from raw materials. And with a glass bottle from Flaschenfreunde, the transport route of the bottles and all components within Germany is also as short as possible.

Glass drinking bottles as a sustainable gift

We all know the tiresome search for suitable gifts for employees and customers, whether for Christmas or for birthdays and anniversaries. The days of meaningless pens and notebooks are long gone, an employee gift should serve a meaningful purpose and preferably be sustainable and help save the world. That’s where the glass drinking bottles from Bottle Friends come in!
Due to the variety of our printing and finishing methods, there are practically no limits to the implementation of your corporate design, enquire today.

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