2022 - International Year of Glass

The United Nations has declared 2022 the “International Year of Glass.”

The opening took place on February 10 in Geneva.


There have only been four similar “International Years” in the past: Astronomy (2011), Chemistry (2011), Light (2015), and the Periodic Table or Indigenous Languages (2019).

This year, the focus is therefore entirely on this fascinating material. Today, it is impossible to imagine everyday life without glass and it also plays a decisive role in many future topics.

The title “International Year of Glass” is intended to draw attention to the scientific, economic and cultural importance of the material.

“Glass is called so because its clarity allows insight. It is, as it were, closed and yet revealed.” These beautiful words about glass were written by the Benedictine abbot and Archbishop of Mainz Hrabanus Maurus (780-856).


Glass has been produced for thousands of years from the following basic materials: quartz sand, soda ash as a fluxing agent and burnt lime.

An inconceivable number of enormously important objects such as bottles, lamps, window panes, telescopes, microscopes, light bulbs and glass fibers are made of glass. Without this material, many advances in research would not have been possible and the modern world we live in today would not have been conceivable.

Unfortunately, glass is still one of the most underestimated materials. We hope that this special year can change that. During the months there will be festivals, conferences, exhibitions and cultural events around the world.

We are curious and like to be surprised!

Best regards