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As individual as you are - from just 50 bottles!

The special guest gift for your wedding


You have decided to take the decisive step and say YES? Then you have come to the right place. We congratulate you very much for this great decision in your life. At such a wedding, everything should be perfect and both the bride and groom and the guests should be enchanted. The planning for this begins well in advance, e.g. with the search for suitable guest gifts for the guests at your wedding.

More and more wedding couples are opting for guest gifts, but why actually?

A wedding is a great and very emotional event, but only the presence of the guests makes the day perfect and unique. Every single guest contributes his or her share, so each one should also be told how valuable their presence is to the bride and groom by means of a guest gift.

The importance of invitations, save-the-date reminders and hostess gifts has increased greatly in recent years. It is not unusual for the search for an unusual idea to become a nerve-racking never-ending story. After all, it should be something very special and always bring a smile to your guests’ faces when they think back to the wedding.

Trinkflasche Hochzeit

Lovingly designed favours are a very stylish gesture to thank the wedding guests and to give them a little joy. Individually designed glass bottles are a high-quality welcome greeting, a shapely addition to table decorations and original giveaways all in one. Give back the joy and the beautiful memories that your guests were able to give you, so that they too can look back on the wedding with a smile on their lips for a long time to come.

By personalizing the glass bottles with the names of your guests, the guest favours not only blend in beautifully with the table decorations, but also serve as practical place cards and orientation aids at your wedding. In addition, personalized host gifts radiate an enhanced “feeling of being welcome”.

From the idea to personalized guest gifts for your wedding, Bottle Friends will support you every step of the way so that your friends and family will always have a beautiful memory of your wedding and can relive that special day every time they take a sip from your bottle. Sit back and let the bottle friends guide you through all the steps of creating your hostess gifts, leaving you plenty of time to enjoy the anticipation of your wedding.

Erinnerungen für immer festhalten

Design extraordinary invitations, great guest gifts for your wedding as well as save-the-date memories together with us.

We have a large selection of different bottle models in various sizes in our shop. From small 0.5 litre bottles as a daily companion for your guests to noble 1.0 litre bottles that fit into the table arrangement at your wedding as a guest gift.

Whether straight elegance to complete your wedding decorations or a waisted shape that makes the bottle fit snugly in your hand. We are your partner for suitable guest gifts at your wedding.

What would guest favours be at your wedding without the personal touch? In addition to an individual print, personalisation with individual names in digital print is also possible and accents in real gold or laser engraving make your hostess gifts a real eye-catcher. The result can then be rounded off with a message in the bottle on sustainable grass paper. This way, no wishes remain unfulfilled when it comes to the guest gifts for your wedding.

Blumen Lila

Give a piece of sustainability as a gift – environmentally friendly host gifts

We all leave our carbon footprint, yet we should try to keep it as small as possible. Our goal is to reduce unnecessary plastic consumption and plastic waste. By offering sustainable, high quality and fully customisable glass drinking bottles as guest favours for your wedding, we offer you the opportunity to support us in this goal from an order quantity of 50 bottles and at the same time provide real added value for your wedding guests. An added value that will be positively remembered and will make your guests look back on the great wedding with pleasure!

Regionality is absolutely central to us: all value-adding processes in the printing of your individual guest gifts are mapped within a radius of only 20km. We also pay attention to short distances when it comes to the suppliers for our components and raw parts. Only when we have checked all regional suppliers do we use suppliers from all over Germany or the EU.

Our personalised glass bottles can be used in a variety of ways and can either be used in their actual purpose as drinking bottles and thus become a popular everyday item for your wedding guests, or they can also be given a permanent place in the home as a pretty decorative item. Either way, you will definitely please your guests with our products.

Glass bottles are high-quality, sustainable and long-lasting – just like your marriage!

Support in creating the right design for your guest gifts – our configurator

Do you already have precise ideas and concepts of how you would like to design your hostess gifts? Or do you have too many ideas for your wedding and can’t quite decide? Would you like to see your desired design on the bottle in advance to put yourself in the perspective of your guests when they hold the guest gifts in their hands for the first time on your wedding day? This is possible with us without any problems. For this purpose, use our specially developed configurator to have the later result graphically displayed in advance. Of course, we are also happy to provide you with personal advice at any time. Just give us a call or leave us a message here. Together we will create the perfect guest favours for your wedding.

Versatile possibilities in the design of your hostess gifts

Flaschenfreunde BV

Our unique selling point is that we can offer a wide range of different finishing processes in-house and can therefore implement all wishes when decorating the guest favours for your wedding. We can draw on many years of experience in the finishing of packaging and can therefore guarantee the best quality in the production of your hostess gifts. After all, the end result should be high-quality and classy. We lose neither time nor money due to unnecessary transport routes, as all value-creating processes of Bottle Friends are mapped regionally.

Our finishing processes for your hostess gifts include:

  • Screen printing
  • Digital printing
  • Laser engraving for logos and coats of arms

Configure the guest favours for your wedding now without obligation. With us, there are no limits to your wishes and ideas.

A personal touch for your wedding

A wedding is a very personal and emotional moment in the life of the bride and groom. On this day, the couple enters into the “bond of life”, which is a very beautiful thought. Exactly this thought should also be taken up in the guest gifts for friends and relatives. Our high-quality glass drinking bottles can be used in many ways beyond their actual purpose as guest favours. There are no limits to your creativity here.

For passionate bakers, a “Heißbegehrt” becomes the perfect container for biscuits they have created themselves, and delicious wedding jams and home-made liquor are also popular as very special giveaways. Our wide range of different bottle models makes our glass bottles suitable for many different application ideas.

With our glass and porcelain crayons , you can immortalize the thoughts you associate with your wedding in calligraphy for all your friends and guests on the guest gift. A small message on sustainable grass paper gives the message an incomparable feel. Let yourself be inspired and accompanied by Flaschenfreunde. We leave nothing to chance when it comes to gifts for your wedding!

When planning your hostess gifts, there are countless great options and ideas. Depending on the taste and the ideas of the bride and groom, wedding favours can be designed in many different styles and colours.

A popular motif on guest gifts is a classic print with the names of the bride and groom as well as the date of the wedding. If the hostess gift can be a little more eye-catching, a beautiful photo or a special drawing can easily be immortalised on the bottle. In order to emphasise the special nature of your wedding, it is also possible to engrave various elements instead of a simple print or to print them in real gold as a graphic stylistic device.